Unix-head needs to Windows-ize his Python script

Ulrich Eckhardt eckhardt at satorlaser.com
Thu Oct 21 11:39:31 CEST 2010

gb345 wrote:
> I have a handy Python script, which takes a few command-line
> arguments, and accepts a few options. [...]
> I want to adapt my script, with the minimum amount of
> work, so that it can have a double-clickable icon that brings up
> a small GUI to accept command-line options (including a couple of
> file-selectors for input and output files).

I'm not sure if this is acceptable for you, but you can simply remove the
commandline stuff and simply ask the user with raw_input(). This is still a
textual UI, but it probably requires least changes. You could even add
an "--interactive" switch regardless of the target environment and then
create an MS Windows batch file that simply runs the Python script with
that switch.


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