Perforce integrate using p4 module

Eric_NYRelEng atiqul.islam at
Thu Oct 21 20:57:07 CEST 2010

Does anyone have any example with perforce integrate command? Please

—Code Snippet—
import P4
##set p4.port, p4.client

p4c = P4.P4()
view = “//depot/meta/project/frombranch/...//depot/meta/project/
tobranch/..."“integ –n”,view)


  return, *self.__flatten(args))
P4.P4Exception: [P4#run] Errors during command execution( "p4 integ -
n //depot/meta/project/frombranch/...//depot/meta/project/
tobranch/..." )

        [Error]: Unknown command.  Try 'p4 help' for info.

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