IDLE debugger questions

Roger Davis rbd at
Sat Oct 23 17:29:20 CEST 2010

Thanks for that info, Ned, I can now get the sys.argv[] list I need,
that's a big help! However, is there any other way to set a breakpoint
in idle that will work on Mac OS X, maybe entering a manual command
somewhere with a specified line number? Inability to set a breakpoint
is an absolute showstopper for me, the code I am trying to debug loops
way too much to be manually steppable in a human time frame.

I also spent a couple of hours trying to get ddd to work, and oddly
enough encountered a similar problem there. After downloading and
installing pydb I was able to get things to start up OK. You can set a
breakpoint, meaning that you can click on the source line and the
little stop sign icon pops up right there as expected, but when you
run the code the debugger just blows right by it like it's not even
there. Does anyone out there have a fix for this? It sounds like ddd
Python support is highly problematic at the moment, supposedly it
works only with pydb but pydb's author has apparently moved on to a
different debugger project (pydbgr?) that I suspect has little chance
of working with ddd just yet. If anyone has evidence to the contrary
please let me know!

Are there any Python debuggers with a decent GUI out there at all that
will work on a Mac with the following features: (i) ability to pass in
a sys.srgv[] list that the program would otherwise see without the
debugger, (ii) display local variables, (iii) single-step through the
source code, and (iv) set a breakpoint? I think I can live without
anything else for the moment.


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