Aleksey alekseymv at
Sat Oct 23 19:41:03 CEST 2010

This is first PYBAG announce on comp.lang.python.

PYBAG implements a portable bag and is intended for fast
synchronization and backup. It lets you use a portable digital storage
device to carry your electronic documents similar to the way you can
use a bag to carry paper documents. You can synchronize the bag with
your original files easily. If a synchronization conflict occurs, it
will be reported. You can specify rules for automatic conflict
resolution. With PYBAG, you can backup files and synchronize any
changes made to the original files with the bag. The synchronization
process will only copy changed files. The program is cross-platform
and independent from the OS and filesystem. You may easily synchronize
files between Windows and Linux, for example. Symbolic links are
supported on all systems (if the OS or filesystem does not support
symlinks, then they are emulated). This program has a GUI and a
command line interface.

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