Question on multiple python environments in Apache

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Because that is a mess to manage, involving hacking the Apache source and multiple recompiles (this will have to run under CentOS). Using Python should be easy and not entail multiple compiles of other people's software. My main question boils down to the best way to get mutltiples interpreters running at a time or, failing that, a way to get separate threads. 

Is there an *easy* way to do this with virtualenv or virtual hosts under Apache?

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Why wouldn't you use multiple apache instances? 

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 11:28 PM, Jeffrey Gaynor < jgaynor at > wrote: 

I have several different versions of a web app that run under Apache. The issue is that I need to have several different configurations available under several environments (such as Django, mod_python and plain vanilla mod_wsgi). Is there a simple way to get several of these to be completely independent? I thought about virtualenv, but it seems that I can only get one virtual environment for the entire server (so this just keeps it distinct from my main python install), rather than half a dozen. These will be on a dedicated test server so performance is not an issue. 

Does anyone know of a good FAQ that discusses this? 

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