How i can get data from an image

Kechagias Apostolos pasxal.antix at
Tue Oct 26 20:53:16 CEST 2010

Hello there.
I ve been using python a lot lately for my school in order to make small
gui(wxpython) apps.
Today a teacher came up with an interesting project.
The idea is that he gives you a series of photos with some objects inside.
For example a photo could contain two black circles in a white background.
The question is how can i find a circle in a given image?
When i find the circles how can i draw a line between them in order to
create a connection?

I know that this may need pattern recognition.

What i want you to tell me is what things i will need in order to make this
thing possible with python.

My idea is to use use PIL in order to find the circles in the image.
Then i will import this image to wxpython canvas and i will draw a line
between their centers.
Is that possible?

I really need some help here.
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