Unix-head needs to Windows-ize his Python script (II)

Nobody nobody at nowhere.com
Wed Oct 27 03:12:25 CEST 2010

On Wed, 27 Oct 2010 13:46:28 +1300, Lawrence D'Oliveiro wrote:

> Why would you want both CLI and GUI functions in one program?

An obvious example was the one which was being discussed, i.e. the Python
interpreter. Depending upon the "script", it may need to behave as a
command-line utility (read argv, do stuff, exit), a terminal-based
interactive program, a GUI program, a network server, or whatever.

Forcing a program to choose between the two means that we need both
python.exe and pythonw.exe.

A less obvious example is a program designed to use whatever interface
facilities are available. E.g. XEmacs can use either a terminal or a GUI
or both.

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