Python 2.7 or 3.1

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at
Wed Oct 27 05:10:45 CEST 2010

Hello Christian and all .

Thanks for the comments. I am newbie to Python trying to learn all 
the comments, that , by the way, I am very impressed of the knowledge 
of the people present in this list.

I was wondering if you can comment more about what alternatives to 
use instead to MySql. My web solutions do not need "all the power" of 
a true database, I even was wondering if I couldbe able to put simple 
dBase files (yes, dBase files) with my web solutions.

- Any comments you can do on what to use 2.7 or 3.1? ( I guess 2.7 
for what I have read)
- Maybe should be another subject but... Any comments on using dBase 
format file with Python?

Thanks in advance.

Jorge Biquez

At 08:50 p.m. 26/10/2010, you wrote:
>Am 27.10.2010 03:38, schrieb Jorge Biquez:
> > And what about if I only were to develop for the web? I mean web
> > applications, Mysql, etc? It would be better to still be in 2.7?
>Most frameworks and database adapters at least target Python 2.6+ as
>their main Python version. I guess the majority has no or only
>experimental support for Python 3.1. The overall situation improves
>every week.
>PS: I recommend against MySQL, if you need the full power or a RDBMS.
>Just try to combine foreign keys with database triggers and you'll see
>which major features are still broken in MySQL. But that's just my point
>of view as a power user.

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