Using nested lists and tables

robert nospam at nospam.invalid
Thu Oct 28 02:32:16 EDT 2010

Zeynel wrote:
> I am trying to make this simple app for GAE.
> I get a string s that user enters in a form.
> I append that to an empty list L = [] then I test if the last saved
> string is the same as the new string. If same, I write it on the same
> column; if not the cursor moves to next column (I was trying to do
> this with tables) and as long as the user types the same string the
> cursor stays on the same column. If a new string is typed; a new
> column is started; and so on.
> I asked the same question at Stackoverflow and HN with no good answers
> so far.

the reason may be that your text doesn't contain a question (mark).
Also in your essay you mix perhaps unnecessary UI complications with python issues and it is not very clear what it is all about.
perhaps drill down to a question on python-level.
lists in python can grow arbitrarily at any time - the memory is the limit. and due to dynamic typing each object in a list can be anything - e.g. another list.


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