is elementTree really a part of python 2.6?

hackingKK hackingkk at
Thu Oct 28 10:23:51 CEST 2010

Hello all,
Some days back I had asked a few questions about parsing xml files using 
I have tryed dom.minidom module but I did not like the prittyPrint way 
of writing nodes.
There were many other things I did not quite like about dom.minidom, so 
now trying to use elementTree.
But to my surprise, I could not import xml.elementtree in my default 
python 2.6 setup.
is it possible that I have broken some thing?
I had to later on do an easy_install for elementree.
But I hear that elementtree is a part of python?
So has my import gone wrong?  or is some thing broken in my python setup?

happy hacking.

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