Create a GUI and EXE for a python app?

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> Thanks ill give it a try! Anyone know about the GUI then?

Lots of people know about GUIs, the problem is that it's not a simple subject. There's lots of free education on the subject in the list archives. Here's my very brief summary of options --

- Tkinter - unsophisticated (-) but built into Python (+++)
- wxPython - rich (+), not built into Python (-)
- pyQT - rich (+), not built into Python (-), many people say it is nicer than wxPython
- There are other choices but I know nothing about them.

There may be license issues for you to consider. Also, my very limited experience with py2exe is that it is less likely to work the more complicated your app is. So if you start adding in wxPython or pyQT or some other GUI, py2exe might not be able to bundle your app anymore.

As I intimated, there are many tradeoffs to be considered. If this is your first Python app, I'd say keep it simple and stick with Tkinter. Worry about the fancy stuff later.

Good luck

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>> I'm worknig on a simple math program as my first application. I would like
>> to make a cross-platform pretty GUI for it and also package it up in a EXE
>> for distribution on Windows.
>> What are the best and easiest ways I can do this?
> For the latter, py2exe:
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