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Fri Oct 29 05:33:41 CEST 2010

Sorry for the confusion; fooz(), track() and barz() are all members of their
respective classes. I must have missed the self argument while creating the
synthetic example.

Yeah, I realize the mutual import is a bad idea. So, if I merge them into a
single module (but still retaining the two classes) will work right? I
guess, it will look like this after merging.

Thanks again

* foo_bar.py *

class Foo:
    def fooz(self):

        print "Hello World"
        b = Bar()
        c = b.barz()

    def track(self, track_var):
        count += 1
        return sth2

class Bar:
    def barz(self):

        track_this = ...
        if Foo.track(track_this):
        return sth1

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 7:12 PM, Dave Angel <davea at ieee.org> wrote:

> Your example is so vague it's hard to tell what the real requirements are.
>  Foo.track() won't work as coded, since it doesn't have a self argument.  If
> you really meant that, then make it a non-class function, and preferably
> define it in another module, included perhaps by both bar and foo.
>  Similarly, barz() cannot be called, since it wants zero arguments, and
> it'll always get at least one.
> If I were you, I'd put both classes into the same module until you get
> their relationship properly understood.  And if they're really so
> intertwined, consider leaving them in the same module.  This isn't java.
> In general, it's best not to have two modules importing each other.
>  Generally, you can extract the common things into a separate module that
> each imports.  Failing that, you can have one import the other, and pass it
> whatever object references it'll need to run.  For example, at the end of
> foo.py, you'd have something like
>  bar.Foo = Foo
> If you really need to mutually import two modules, the first problem you're
> likely to bump into is if either of them is your script.  In other words,
> you need to have a separate file that's your script, that imports both foo
> and bar.
> DaveA
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