Is there a way to pring a list object in Python?

Zeynel azeynel1 at
Sun Oct 31 20:04:14 CET 2010

On Oct 31, 5:52 am, Dave Angel <da... at> wrote:
> On 2:59 PM, Zeynel wrote:> class Rep(db.Model):
> >      author = db.UserProperty()
> >      replist = db.ListProperty(str)
> >      unique = db.ListProperty(str)
> >      date = db.DateTimeProperty(auto_now_add=True)
> > ....
> > Rep().replist = L
> > Rep().put()
> > mylist = Rep().all().fetch(10)
> > I am trying to display mylist; but I am getting the object. Thanks.
> I don't know any meaning for "pring."
> Care to mention what db is?  Presumably it's some other module, not in
> the standard library, that you've imported.  And presumably it has a
> class called Model defined in it.
> But the three lines following make no sense to me in isolation, so
> unless you know how db.Model is intended to be used, I can't imagine
> what you expect here.  Rep().replist = L  creates a temporary object,
> gives it an attribute, and throws them both away.  Although I could
> write code that would have enough side effects to do something with
> that, I can't imagine why I would want to.
> Be more explicit with the assumptions (in this case, at least show the
> import), and with the results.  So instead of saying "I am getting the
> object," say
> print mylist
> produces the output:
> sjfdsljdsfds;lkjfdsfds
> fdsljfds;ldsj;dslkjfds
> dsfjlfkjslkjfd s fj lkjfd
> DaveA

I am using Google App Engine, but it seems that the problem is a
Python problem. I fixed the code a little bit, now I can print the

        Rep().replist = L
        query = Rep.all()
        for result in query:

The output of this is:

[u'a', u'b'][u'a', u'b'][u'a', u'b']. . .

So, these are the lists in datastore. I want to take one of these
lists and apply list method on it. How do I do that? Thanks.

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