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>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> i have a script that reads and writes linux paths in a file. I save the
>>>>> path (as unicode) with 2 other variables. I save them seperated by ","
>>>>> and the "packets" by newlines. So my file looks like this:
>>>>> path1, var1A, var1B
>>>>> path2, var2A, var2B
>>>>> path3, var3A, var3B
>>>>> ....
>>>>> this works for "normal" paths but as soon as i have a path that does
>>>>> include a "," it breaks. The problem now is that (afaik) linux allows
>>>>> every char (aside from "/" and null) to be used in filenames. The only
>>>>> solution i can think of is using null as a seperator, but there have to
>>>>> a cleaner version ?
>>>> You could use a tab character '\t' instead.
>>> That just breaks with a different set of filenames.
>> How many filenames contain control characters?
>How many filenames contain ","?  Not many, but the OP wants his
>program to be bulletproof.  Can't fault him for that.

As appending ",v" is the convention for rcs / cvs archives, I would
say: a lot. Enough to guarantee that all my backup tar's contain at
least a few.

>If I had a nickle for every Unix program or shell-script that failed
>when a filename had a space it it....

I'd rather have it fail for spaces than for comma's.

>> Surely that's a bad idea.
>Of course it's a bad idea.  That doesn't stop people from doing it.
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