fairly urgent request: paid python (or other) work required

Ben Finney ben+python at benfinney.id.au
Wed Sep 1 16:10:27 CEST 2010

lkcl <luke.leighton at gmail.com> writes:

> i apologise for having to contact so many people but this is fairly
> urgent, and i'm running out of time and options.

I sympathise with your situation; work for skilled practicioners is
scarce in many places right now.

For that reason, many people are likely to be in your position. For the
sake of keeping this forum habitable, I have to point out to anyone

It's not cool to post requests for work here. There are, as you noted,
other appropriate forums for that, of which this is not one.

I wish you success in finding gainful work, but all readers should
please note that this is *not* the place to look for it.

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