PyPy and RPython

sarvi sarvilive at
Thu Sep 2 07:06:38 CEST 2010

On Sep 1, 6:49 pm, Benjamin Peterson <benja... at> wrote:
> sarvi <sarvilive <at>> writes:
> > Secondly I have always fantasized of never having to write C code yet
> > get its compiled performance.
> > With RPython(a strict subset of Python), I can actually compile it to
> > C/Machine code
> RPython is not supposed to be a general purpose language. As a PyPy developer
> myself, I can testify that it is no fun.

Can be worse than than writing C/C++
Compared to Java, having the interpreter during development is huge

I actually think yall at PyPy are hugely underestimating RPython.

Look at all the alternatives we have. Cython? Shedskin?
I'll take PyPy anyday instead of them

We make performance tradeoffs all the the time. Look at Mercurial.
90% python and 5% C
Wouldn't you rather this be 90% Python and 5% RPython ???

Add to the possibility of writing Python extension module in RPython.
You could be winning a whole group of developer mindshare.

> > Yet I see this forum relatively quite on PyPy or Rpython ?  Any
> > reasons???
> You should post to the PyPy list instead. (See
I tried. got bounced. Just subscribed.
Will try again.


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