fairly urgent request: paid python (or other) work required

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 2 10:12:23 CEST 2010

On 9/1/10, lkcl <luke.leighton at gmail.com> wrote:
> i apologise for having to contact so many people but this is fairly
> urgent, and i'm running out of time and options.   i'm a free software
> programmer, and i need some paid work - preferably python - fairly
> urgently, so that i can pay for food and keep paying rent, and so that
> my family doesn't get deported or have to leave the country.
> i really would not be doing this unless it was absolutely, absolutely
> essential that i get money.
> so that both i and the list are not unnecessarily spammed, please
> don't reply with recommendations of "where to get jobs", unless they
> are guaranteed to result in immediate work and money.
> if you have need of a highly skilled and experienced python-preferring
> free-software-preferring software engineer, please simply contact me,
> and tell me what you need doing: there's no need for you to read the
> rest of this message.
> so that people are not offended by me asking on such a high-volume
> list for work, here are some questions and answers:
> Q: who are you?
> A: luke leighton.  free sofware developer, free software project
> leader, and "unusual cross-project mash-up-er" (meaning: i spot the
> value of joining one or more bits of disparate "stuff" to make
> something that's more powerful than its components).
> Q: where's your CV?
> A: executive version of CV is at http://lkcl.net/exec_cv.txt - please
> don't ask for a proprietary microsoft word version, as a refusal and
> referral to the "sylvester response" often offends.
> Q: what can you do?
> A: python programming, c programming, web development, networking,
> cryptography, reverse-engineering, IT security, etc. etc. preferably
> involving free software.
> Q: what do you need?
> A: money to pay rent and food.  at the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM, i need as
> little as £1500 per month to pay everything, and have been earning
> approx £800 per month for the past year.   a £5000 inheritance last
> year which i was not expecting has delayed eviction and bankruptcy for
> me and my family, and deportation for my partner and 17 month old
> daughter (marie is here in the UK on a FLR/M visa)
> Q: why are you asking here?
> A: because it's urgent that i get money really really soon; my family
> members are refusing to assist, and the few friends that i have do not
> have any spare money to lend.
> Q: why here and not "monster jobs" or "python-jobs list" or the
> various "recruitment agencies"?
> A: those are full-time employment positions, which i have been
> frequently applying for and get rejected for various reasons, and i'm
> running out of time and money.  further interviews cost money, and do
> not result in guaranteed work.  i need work - and money - _now_.
> Q: why here and not "peopleperhour.com"?
> A: if you've ever bid on peopleperhour.com you will know that you are
> bidding against "offshore" contrators and even being undercut by 1st
> world country bidders who, insanely, appear to be happy to do work for
> as little as £2 / hour.
> Q: why are you getting rejected from interviews?
> A: that's complex.  a) i simply don't interview well.  people with the
> classic symptoms of asperger's just don't. b) my daughter is 17 months
> old.  when i go away for as little as 3 days, which i've done three
> times now, she is extremely upset both when i am away and when i
> return.  i think what would happen if i was doing some sort of full-
> time job, away from home, and... i can't do it.  subconsciously that
> affects how i react when speaking to interviewers.
> Q: why do you not go "get a job at tesco's" or "drive a truck"?
> A: tescos and HGV driving etc. pay around £12 per hour.  £12 per hour
> after tax comes down to about £8 to £9 per hour.  £9 per hour requires
> 35 hours per week to earn as little as £1500.  35 hours per week is
> effectively full-time, and means that a) my programming and software
> engineering skills are utterly, utterly wasted b) my daughter gets
> extremely upset because i won't be at home.
> so you get the gist, and thank you for putting up with me needing to
> take this action.

For the sake of your family, I'd recommend taking the following
paragraphs off your cv:

If you require someone whom you do NOT want to take
		the initiative to assess all aspects of the required
		work and beyond; if you require someone who will
		"stay in the box", do NOT contact me.

The speed at which I acquire new knowledge and be
		able to integrate and recommend new ideas tends to
		make insecure people feel frightened and threatened.

Pet Hates:	- "peer to peer networking" [peer equals neanderthal...]
		- "microsoft marketing machine" [FUD at its best...]
		- "restrictive anti-competitive business practices"
		- "information-restricive laws" [DMCA etc.]
		- Unreliable systems that cannot be made to do the job
		  you really needed done yesterday...

I'd also recommend updating the links on your cv, these ones do not work at all:


And this one is outdated: http://sourceforge.net/projects/python/


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