Financial time series data

Virgil Stokes vs at
Fri Sep 3 01:56:47 CEST 2010

On 09/02/2010 08:15 PM, Hidura wrote:
> But what kind of data you want to download?, because the financial
> time it's basicly html code and you can work very well with a parser
> 2010/9/2, Virgil Stokes<vs at>:
>>    Has anyone written code or worked with Python software for downloading
>> financial time series data (e.g. from Yahoo financial)? If yes,  would you
>> please contact me.
>> --Thanks,
>> V. Stokes
>> --
Here is a snippet of python code that I am trying to use for downloading 
financial data; but, I do not understand why it returns information from 
the second HTML page.

   import urllib2
    I am trying to read each row of the table at:^GSPC
   ticker = []
   url = 
   data =

Note, it does get all 50 rows of the first page; but, why does it also 
get the first row of the "next" HTML page?


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