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  A more direct question on accessing stock information from Yahoo.

First, use your browser to go to:

Now, you see the first 50 rows of a 500 row table of information on S&P 500 
index. You can LM click on

   1 -50 of 500 |First|Previous|Next|Last

below the table to position to any of the 10 pages.

I would like to use Python to do the following.

*Loop on each of the 10 pages and for each page extract information for each row 
--- How can this be accomplished automatically in Python?*

Let's take the first page (as shown by default). It is easy to see the link to 
the data for "A" is That is, I can just move
my cursor over the "A" and I see this URL in the message at the bottom of my 
browser (Explorer 8). If I LM click on "A" then I will go to this
link --- Do this!

You should now see a table which shows information on this stock and *this is 
the information that I would like to extract*. I would like to do this for all 
500 stocks without the need to enter the symbols for them (e.g. "A", "AA", 
etc.). It seems clear that this should be possible since all the symbols are in 
the first column of each of the 50 tables --- but it is not at all clear how to 
extract these automatically in Python.

Hopefully, you understand my problem. Again, I would like Python to cycle 
through these 10 pages and extract this information for each symbol in this table.


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