pyla: python little algorithms

atronoush mohammad.rahmani at
Sat Sep 4 13:25:18 CEST 2010

Dear all,

pyla stands for Python Little Algorithm is a project in pure Python
and includes simple, easy to use, yet powerful libraries for

- 2D/3D plotting using Gnuplot
- Matrix/Vector operations
- ODE solvers
- Optimization and nonlinear algebraic equation solvers
- ...

pyla home is:
pyla documentation is on Tiddlywiki ( a lightweight
and portable wiki.

Current Status:
Currently the gplot library with status alpha has been released, other
libraries is planned to be released bi-monthly.

We welcome all kind of contribution to this project. pyla is free, and
open source..

All the best

Mohammad Rahmani
Chem Eng Dep
Amirkabir Uni of Tech

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