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Lawrence D'Oliveiro ldo at geek-central.gen.new_zealand
Sun Sep 5 03:44:06 CEST 2010

In message <4c82b097$0$1661$742ec2ed at news.sonic.net>, John Nagle wrote:

>     Personally, I'd like to have reference counting only, an enforced
> prohibition on loops (backpointers must be weak pointers), RAII,
> and reliably ordered finalization.

Is there a cheap way of checking at runtime for circular structures?

>     A big advantage of reference counting is that finalization happens
> in the thread that releases the object, and in the correct order.
> GC and finalization/destructors do not play well together at all.
> Microsoft once tried to get the hard cases to work right.  See
> "managed C++".  Not a happy story.

Thank you for that. Another arrow for my anti-GC quiver. :)

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