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   There are really three you can choose from if you are serious about
making GUI applications.  PyQt as already suggested.  wxPython and pyGTK.
 Tkinter is good in my opinion if you are making smaller gui based programs.
 PyQt has an extensive number of additional features, including networking,
OpenGL, Multimedia, Database etc.  It is used for the KDE desktop
environment.   PyQt has a very powerful Designer which you can used to
generate python code very fast for complex guis.  wxPython is only GUI
centric, but it does have a host of widgets you can play with and pre-made
examples you can use to speed up your programming.  It also has a gui
building called Boa Constructor which is functional but not in the same
class as the qt designer (this is my opinion, try it).  As for pyGTK, it is
used for Gnome.  I am not to familiar with it but it looks like a good gui
toolkit as well.  So my advice is to try all three and see which one you
like the best and go from there.


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> On 6 sep, 09:54, Niklasro <nikla... at> wrote:
> > Hello
> > Making a GUI, could you recommend tkinter or any other proposal?
> > Thanks
> Hi,
> I am considering to learn Qt, which is a multi-platform widget
> liberary and a RAD IDE...,
> basically for C++ programing but there is a binding called PyQt for
> python.
> Good luck.
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