Database problems

Tim Harig usernet at
Mon Sep 6 21:16:18 CEST 2010

On 2010-09-06, Edward Grefenstette <egrefen at> wrote:
> I then threw caution to the winds and tried simply using cPickle's
> dump in the hope of obtaining some data persistence, but it crashed
> fairly early with a "IOError: [Errno 122] Disk quota exceeded".

The error is telling you that you have attempted to write the file; but, in
the process you exceeded your disk quota (the space you are allowed to use)
and the operating system would not permit you to finish the file.

> Now the question is: is it something wrong with these dbms? Can they
> not deal with very large sets of data? If not, is there a more optimal
> tool for my needs? Or is the problem unrelated and has something to do
> with my lab computer?

The problem is that you are attempting to use more disk space then you are
permitted to use on your account (at least for the selected filesystem).
Possible solutions are to save the data somewhere else where you have a
greater quota, delete some other files from your account to make room for
the new file, or talk to whoever administrates the systems and see if they
will add enough space to your quota to permit you to write this large file.

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