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Tue Sep 7 01:36:52 CEST 2010

Baba <raoulbia at> writes:

> Thanks Jeremy, i will take your advice on board! Noone likes to be
> taught lessons i think so it is only normal that i reacted.

Please reconsider this response. Many of us use this forum precisely
because we *do* like to be taught lessons. If you don't want to be
taught lessons, this is not the forum to use.

> If i had received a friendly response from Benjamin (as opposed to
> "Please do us a favor and at least try to figure things out on your
> own")

Again, please reconsider your perception of the messages you received.
Those messages are polite; they're even explicit about how you can
improve your future messages. They are polite enough to regard you as a
person who can improve.

We value respect for people here, and that's what you've been shown
consistently. But respect for opinions, or for delicacy about learning,
is not welcome here. In other words, we treat people as adults by
default. I hope you'll continue to participate in that spirit.

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