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On 7 sep, 13:39, Baba <raoul... at> wrote:
> On 7 sep, 02:18, Ben Finney <ben+pyt... at> wrote:
> > Ben Finney <ben+pyt... at> writes:
> > > We value respect for people here, and that's what you've been shown
> > > consistently. But respect for opinions, or for delicacy about
> > > learning, is not welcome here.
> > Sloppy wording, I apologise. This should say “… is not respect for a
> > person”.
> > > In other words, we treat people as adults by default. I hope you'll
> > > continue to participate in that spirit.
> > This is the main thrust of the message.
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> > Ben Finney
> Yes Master :)

Sloppy wording, I apologise. This should say: If you find the question
you're reading too easy then just don't answer. Noone is the owner of
a democratic forum where freedom to ask the question one likes is
paramount (as long of course as it is related to the group) let
me repeat that, to say "Please do us a favour and at least try to
figure things out on your own" is in my view inappropriate. To me it
sounds "Do me a favur and get lost". Can you not understand that? I
accept that it might not have been meant that way but see,
misunderstandings happen easily so a more subtle approach is a
wothwhile effort.  My point: i always encourage people to get down
from their ivory towers and to connect to the people...yes they will
sometimes be lazy but they are genuine and very respectful (unlike
what you think)...

no offence now ok, it's not all that your mind, let
lose all that righteousness and let's enjoy life :)


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