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Tue Sep 7 16:37:29 CEST 2010

Baba <raoulbia at> writes:

> to say "Please do us a favour and at least try to figure things out on
> your own" is in my view inappropriate.

That's what the person wanted you to see. How would you prefer that
exact information to be imparted to you? How could it have been
communicated so that it was not misunderstood?

> To me it sounds "Do me a favur and get lost". Can you not understand
> that?

Honestly, I cannot read that meaning into the messages you've received
in this forum. Please help us by showing how you think people could say
what was said above without losing information.

> no offence now ok, it's not all that your mind, let
> lose all that righteousness and let's enjoy life :)

All well and good, but let's try to see what went wrong in communication
here and fix it.

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