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On 2010-09-07, Baba <raoulbia at> wrote:

> Sloppy wording, I apologise. This should say: If you find the
> question you're reading too easy then just don't answer. Noone is the
> owner of a democratic forum where freedom to ask the question one
> likes is paramount (as long of course as it is related to the
> group) let me repeat that, to say "Please do us a favour and at
> least try to figure things out on your own" is in my view
> inappropriate.

You need to read this:

> To me it sounds "Do me a favur and get lost".

No, it means "Do yourself a favor, learn how to do things yourself."

Remember: you're then one asking people to give you something for
free. It's not up to them to conform to your expectations, rather you
need to conform to theirs.  Otherwise, they'll just ignore you.

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