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Wed Sep 8 12:30:00 CEST 2010

On 8 sep, 02:07, Ben Finney <ben+pyt... at> wrote:
> Baba <raoul... at> writes:
> > However the following Wiki excerpt seems to go in my direction:
> No, it doesn't. It advises that people show kindness; as I've been
> arguing, that's exactly what you were shown. You haven't shown how the
> information being imparted could have been fully imparted in a way
> that's kinder, nor that it would be reasonable to do so.
> To put it another way: if you feel offended by an utterance, then
> insufficient kindness on the part of the speaker is not the only
> explanation.
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> Ben Finney

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your feedback. My question is: Who owns this forum? If we
all do then we are allowed to post questions that are simple and that
could otherwise be answered by doing research. It is just unfriendly
to tell someone to go and look it up by themselves. Who is licensed to
judge what can and cannot be posted as a question? A teacher of mine
used to say: "There are no stupid questions, there are only stupid
answers." It is arrogant to tell someone in a Forum to "look it up
yourself ,this question is too basic". Can you not understand that
accessing a file can seem daunting at first? Believe me, documentation
can be offputting too when you only start with programming. Per se the
beauty of forums like these is that there are human beings willing to
make such tasks as finding out how to access a text file less 'scary'.
Whoever thinks he or she has a license to tell someone to look up the
answer by themselves should think again. I reckon the only license we
have is not to answer at all. I acknowledge that Benjamin pointed me
to the right place to find an answer but somehow the "Please do us a
favour" sounded bit arrogant, as if he owned the place (same goes for
all those who sided against me here: do you own this forum?)...i'd be
glad if there was a python for beginners forum but in the meantime i
have to say i find it awesome to have this forum to get help. It makes
a BIG difference. So sorry if i upset anyone, we all have our opinions
and get carried away and can be stubborn, i DO respect everyone in
this forum and i think it goes bothways. I've learned a few things in
this post...

So now, to use Benjamin words: Please do me a favour and let's move
on :)



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