accessing a text file

Baba raoulbia at
Wed Sep 8 13:28:32 CEST 2010

On 8 sep, 12:46, Paul Rubin <no.em... at nospam.invalid> wrote:
> Baba <raoul... at> writes:
> > It is just unfriendly
> > to tell someone to go and look it up by themselves.
> Someone seeing too many unthoughtful questions from you might tell you
> to look it up yourself, in the hopes of getting you to change your
> questioning style, so that your future questions will be more thoughtful
> and worth answering.  But according to you that would be unfriendly.
> Another thing they could do is say nothing, but quietly configure their
> news-reading software to ignore your questions completely.  Then none of
> your future questions would have any hope of being answered.  Would that
> be less unfriendly, or more unfriendly?

Hi Paul

I would support option 1 but phrased more thoughtfully than Benjamin
did (that way no feelings will be hurt):

"Dear xyz,
Your question can easily be researched online. We suggest you give it
a try and to look it up yourself. This will be beneficial both to you
and to us. We do encourage to ask questions only when they have been
researched first. We care about the quality of posts but we also
understand that as a beginner one can tend to look for an easy or
quick way to find answers. So in the meantime here's something to
get you started: link"

But where do you draw the line? Can we not just let people ask
questions regardless? And let those answer who want to and those who
don't just ignore the question? That seems so much easier to me.

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