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On 2010-09-08, Baba <raoulbia at> wrote:

> Thanks for your feedback. My question is: Who owns this forum? If we
> all do then we are allowed to post questions that are simple and that
> could otherwise be answered by doing research.

Of course you're allowed to post such questions.

And people are allowed to ignore you, to answer your question
sarcastically, to attempt to teach you how to answer your own
questions, or to respond in other ways.

It's up to _you_ to make the effort to try to insure that you get a
useful response.  To that end here is how that is accomplished:

Maybe you don't _like_ the fact that you are expected to show just a
tiny bit of inititiative and care in researching and posting your
question, but that's pretty much the way it it works.  I'm sure you'd
prefer that everything was handed to you for free on a silver platter
with a side order of beer and cookies.  I'd prefer I was 20 years
younger and 30 pounds lighter.  Life's tough that way.

> It is just unfriendly to tell someone to go and look it up by
> themselves.

 1) It isn't if give them a hint on where to look it up.

 2) Posting questions like yours is considered unfriendly.

> Who is licensed to judge what can and cannot be posted as a question?

Nobody.  Post whatever questions you want however you want in whatever
language you want.  If you don't care about actually _answering_ your
question, feel free to continue in the same vein in which you started.

If you _do_ care about getting a prompt, accurate answer, then:

> A teacher of mine used to say: "There are no stupid questions, there
> are only stupid answers."

Ask that teacher for help then.

> It is arrogant to tell someone in a Forum to "look it up yourself,
> this question is too basic".

Perhaps it is. But remember you're the one asking strangers for a free
service, so it's up to you to "play by the rules" in return for that
free service.  One of the rules is that you first try to answer the
question yourself.

> Can you not understand that accessing a file can seem daunting at
> first?

Maybe so, but reading a tutorial isn't.

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