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Thu Sep 9 03:31:04 CEST 2010

Baba <raoulbia at> writes:

> Thanks for your feedback. My question is: Who owns this forum? If we
> all do then we are allowed to post questions that are simple and that
> could otherwise be answered by doing research.

That's a rather subservient perspective. Why are you seeking permission
to ask questions? Why do you raise the issue of whether one is *allowed*
to ask questions?

If you take advice and requests as commandments, then I think that's
pretty close to the root of the communication failures here.

When someone asks you to change your behaviour, or describes the
possible consequences that your behaviour entails, they're treating you
as a responsible adult, not as a slave or infant.

> It is just unfriendly to tell someone to go and look it up by
> themselves.

Yes, to *tell* them to do it would be unfriendly. You, however, received
*requests* that you do so, with reasons why. Please help us all — and
you are included in “us all” — by learning the difference between a
command and a request.

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