How Python works: What do you know about support for negative indices?

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>Ben Finney <ben+python at> writes:
>> Raymond Hettinger <python at> writes:
>>> It doesn't seem to be common knowledge when and how a[x] gets
>>> translated to a[x+len(x)]. So, here's a short info post on how
>>> Python supports negative indices for sequences.
>> Thanks for this. Could you post your messages using a channel that
>> doesn't arbitrarily split your paragraphs into long-short-long-short
>> lines? It makes paragraphs burdensome to read, and I skipped most of
>> the message because of that.
>For those who think the problem may be with the recipient's software, I
>see the same annoying line-wrapping problems in the archived message

Still looks like *your* problem to me; except for exactly one paragraph,
I don't see comb-style formatting in Lynx at that URL.
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