Kruptein darragh.ssa at
Sun Sep 12 13:01:00 CEST 2010

Hey I'm creating a program called minimal-d which brings together many
"things" you would otherwise use seperate to develop.  These things
are a file-manager,text-editor,ftp-client and sql-client.

The program is currently in alpha, but it would be nice if some people
tried it out and pointed out some minors,goodies or things that should/
could be appended.

It is written in python 2.6 but 2.4 should be good enough,  you also
need wxPython 2.8.
It is wriiten for linux so if you're on windows use it on your own

you can download a .deb or a .tar.gz from launchpad:
my email: darragh.ssa at

further information:

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