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narke narkewoody at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 18:29:49 CEST 2010

On 2010-09-12, Glazner <yoavglazner at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sep 12, 5:10 am, narke <narkewo... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> My simple tool writing in python get bigger and bigger and I think I'd
>> better split my code into several files.  But, unlike what in some other
>> languages, there is no way to compile these several files into a single
>> executable. Before I splitting my simple tool program, I just put it in
>> /usr/local/bin and run, very simple.  Now I have to consider distribute
>> a lot of files in a whole.  I know distutils can help, but I feel it is
>> a little uncomfortable, since I am not sharing a library, I am not
>> sharing any thing. I just want to refactory my code.  Is there a better
>> solution to my case?  Can I simply create a directory in /usr/local/bin
>> and put my script and other used files into the directory?  Does
>> distutils help in this case?
>> Thanks in advance.
> try :
> python mayApp.zip
> myApp.zip <--> all your files + a __main__.py file as a starting
> point...

looks also not decent :(  i want my tool appear as an executabe, not an
zip.  but thank you anyway.

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