How Python works: What do you know about support for negative indices?

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>Neil Hodgson <nhodgson at> writes:
>> There appear to be deliberate wraps at sentence end or automatic wraps
>> to fit <80 columns.
>The automatic wraps in the code presented in the message are wrong. The
>automatic wraps in the bullet point list are, if not wrong, at least
>presumably unintended.

That is considerably different from your original claim that the post
contained formatting that was "long-short-long-short", aka comb

>I hope that clears up what I meant in this case. The effort devoted to
>explaining this issue far outweighs the burden it caused initially. I'll
>try to be more explicit when presenting it in future, to forestall this.


Had you noted that some lines of code were wrapped short, I would have
agreed with you, but I also would have noted that it's not a big deal.
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