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* Paul Rubin, on 13.09.2010 04:50:
> Ed Keith<e_d_k at>  writes:
>>> I think DbC as envisioned by the Eiffel guy...
>>> the term is that it's a static verification technique,
>> Eiffel throws an exception when a contract is violated. That is run
>> time behavior, not static verification.
> The runtime checks are for when static analysis hasn't been supplied
> (that is usually a partly manual process).  DBC is always intended to be
> statically verified as I understand it.  Doing it at runtime is just a
> hackish fallback.

DBC can't in generally be statically checked. E.g. a precondition of a routine 
might be that its argument is a sorted array. So regarding the nature of the 
checks it's not hopelessly incompatible with Python.


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