WMI in Python

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> > > Hi All,
> > > I am new to programming and python, Being a system administrator I
> > > have chose Inventory (Software & Hardware ) as my first project.
> > You'll probably want to look at the python WMI module:http://timgolden.me.uk/python/wmi/index.html
> > as well as the pywin32 module:http://sourceforge.net/projects/pywin32/
> > IIRC, there's been quite a bit of discussion about inventorying
> > installed software on the pywin32 mailing list:http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/python-win32
> > --
> > Jerry
> Thank you all, I will go through the links provided and suggestions.
> Shall get back to you on this soon.

The following information is exactly what I am trying to collect for
the inventory. I can find vb scripts with googling. I want to do the
same with Python & Win32. Use Server/Client architecture .
Client(agent) updates the information to server.



System serial number, manufacturer, and model
Bios manufacturer, version, and date


Type, count (how many of them), manufacturer, speed, and cache


Physical memory type, manufacturer, capacity, and slot number
Total physical memory
Total swap/paging memory


Video adapter: Chipset/model, manufacturer, memory size, speed, and
screen resolution

Display monitor: Manufacturer, description, refresh rate, type, serial
number, and caption

Storage/removable devices:

Manufacturer, model, size, type, speed( all when applicable)

Drive letter, filesystem type, partition/volume size, free space

Network adapters/telephony:

Manufacturer, model, type, speed, and description
MAC and IP address, mask and IP gateway, DHCP server used

Miscellaneous hardware:

Input devices: Keyboard, mouse, and pointing device
Sound devices: Manufacturer name, type, and description
System slots: Name, type, and designation
System ports: Type, name, caption, and description

Software Information: ( from registry & add/remove program )

Operating system: Name, version, comments, and registration info
Installed software: Name, publisher, version (from Add / Remove
software or Programs and Features menu)
Custom-specified registry queries (applicable to Windows OS)


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