Accessing windoze file attributes

Douglas mummerx at
Wed Sep 15 19:38:47 CEST 2010

@Diez and @David
Thanks guys. Both excellent leads. Colour me happy.  I can now make
progress and meet some deadlines. :)

> Why reinvent rsync?
In what way is rsync relevant to the stated problem? Did you actually
READ the question?
Note: I use Linux at home (yes, even rsync) and very much prefer it to
Windows. However, at work I have no choice but to use the resources
the company provides - which is Windows; have you got that straight
If you have something more helpful and mature to say, relevant to the
actual question, then I will gladly hear it, and even apologise.
Otherwise, don't bother. I already enough from respondents who were
far more adult, knowledgeable and helpful ... and all the more
impressive in comparison.

-- Douglas

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