Accessing windoze file attributes

Dave Angel davea at
Thu Sep 16 11:46:36 CEST 2010

On 2:59 PM, Douglas wrote:
> @Diez and @David
> Thanks guys. Both excellent leads. Colour me happy.  I can now make
> progress and meet some deadlines. :)
> @Lawrence
>> Why reinvent rsync?
> In what way is rsync relevant to the stated problem? Did you actually
> READ the question?
> Note: I use Linux at home (yes, even rsync) and very much prefer it to
> Windows. However, at work I have no choice but to use the resources
> the company provides - which is Windows; have you got that straight
> now?
> If you have something more helpful and mature to say, relevant to the
> actual question, then I will gladly hear it, and even apologise.
> Otherwise, don't bother. I already enough from respondents who were
> far more adult, knowledgeable and helpful ... and all the more
> impressive in comparison.
> Sincerely,
> -- Douglas

Let's see.  You're a first-time poster on this forum, and you choose to 
attack Lawrence, who was giving you a succinct reference to a possible 
solution to your problem.

So how does mentioning a program that could directly solve your problem 
constitute immature and unhelpful response?

Have you checked out any of the several rsync implementations on 
Windows?  Some require cygwin, but there are a couple that would seem 
not to.  Maybe try  

There are several reasons why any particular one of these may not be 
appropriate for your needs, but being stuck on Windows isn't really one 
of them.


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