Too much code - slicing

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Sun Sep 19 04:49:29 CEST 2010

On 09/18/2010 10:12 PM, Seebs wrote:
> On 2010-09-19, AK<andrei.avk at>  wrote:
>> On 09/18/2010 08:35 PM, Seebs wrote:
  News flash:  Not all people think the same way.  Film at 11.  :)
> I've tried to use syntax coloring editors, and I've always found that
> they end up making me slower and less accurate at reading things,
> because what they're highlighting isn't waht what I need to know.

The way I see it, it's not meant to tell you something, it's
punctuation, it's as if you'd argue against periods and spaces at the
end of sentencesBecause the next sentence is capitalized anyway, so you
already know the last sentence ended. In the same way, in many cases
other punctuation is not absolutely necessary for understanding.

The other thing is of course that it helps you not to name your
variables using keywords and spot misspelled keywords.


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