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Mon Sep 20 04:50:21 CEST 2010

On 2010-09-20, John Bokma <john at> wrote:
> Heh, to me speed reading those 70 pages in a very short while,
> concluding that it's a good book, and start over again would be quite
> the spoiler.

I rarely encounter substantive spoilers in the first 70 pages or so of
a book.  That said, I'm pretty much immune to spoilers; while I'm reading,
I'm usually ignoring anything I might have previously known about a
story, so it all works even if I've read it before.

> Do you fast forward movies as well?

Amusingly, I can't generally watch movies at normal speed.  They're
too boring.  Luckily, computers are finally advancing to a point where
"1.2x faster, but no chipmunks" is an available setting in some

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