catching WM_TIMER message

Tim Golden mail at
Mon Sep 20 19:35:54 CEST 2010

On 20/09/2010 5:41 PM, Greg Miller wrote:
> Thank you for the assist!  Quick question though, using the first
> example is there any need to register for WM_TIMER, ( instead of
> registering for WM_HOTKEY ), or is extracting the "home grown Windows
> message loop" enough and just run with that?

In short: no need to register (although the WM_TIMER will have to
come from somewhere, ie your process will have to initiated a
SetTimer call. If you aren't familiar with this area, it's worth
your reading up on the way in which Windows message queues and timers
work. There are oodles of examples /tutorials. This is pretty
much the canonical starting point:

but obviously YMMV.


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