Down with tinyurl! (was Re: importing excel data into a python matrix?)

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Mon Sep 20 20:14:34 CEST 2010

On 2010-09-20, Tim Harig <usernet at> wrote:
> You could simply place the filter in slrn; then, any urls that you see in
> your reader would already be shown with the preview prefix suitable for cut
> and paste mechanisms.  If you wanted, you can even have your script
> download the preview and automatically convert it back to the full
> origional URL.

This would require me to do a lot more work.  :)

> I assume just the opposite.  Once the post has been removed from the
> server, it is gone to me.  I am not fond of the various archives that are
> otherwise available on the web.

Huh.  I find the old usenet archives amusing, at the very least, and often
very informative.

> No,  I tend to think is is  much better that posts simply expire by
> their use by date.

I prefer data to be around as long as possible, since it at least potentially
reduces effort.

> If this was something that was forced upon you, then I might have some
> sympathy; however, I see it as the poster's right to do what he thinks will
> make his post more effective.

I agree.  On the other hand, many people are simply unaware of some of
the reasons for which tinyurl and the like can make their message less
effective to at least some users, so mentioning this to them may be useful.

In theory, you have the right to indent your Python code however you want.
In practice, if you don't use four spaces, you'll run into various problems
interoperating with other people.  Telling people this if they don't
know it or are ignoring it is probably useful, even though ultimately the
decision remains up to them...

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