Executing wctp script in python 2.7 for windows.

Nandy nandytemp at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 03:36:12 CEST 2010

Ok, it could be that im exhausted but I cant figure out how to execute
this script in python2.7 for windows.

The short:
I got the file from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wctpxml-python/files/
and I want to execute it to send a text to my att pager using wctp via
port 80. I have a commercial application that does just that but it is
on demo mode and once the demo expires im not using it anymore. Any
help will be greatly appreciated.

The long:
I have a need to get a page every time I get a notice from a system. I
have work on this application and it is working great using a
commercial application that uses wctp to send messages to my pager
taking the unit number and the message via a command line. It goes
like wctp.bat 1231234567 "you are needed". I cant use snpp or email as
those ports are close but wctp is wide open. I do a bit of tcl but I
have not found a viable script for this. I have only found scripts in
perl and python so im going for python and if I can get this to work
maybe I will have to start writing my little projects on python.
So for now all I need is to learn how to execute the above script on
my windows xp os, then I will edit what I need to make it work for my
pager. After that is done I will try to convert that script to a
windows execute so I can use it in other pc's. Last stop will be to do
some html parsing to get some information off the notification. But
that is at the end, for now  I will be happy if someone can help me
with getting the script to work and send the page...
Thanks, many thanks!!!!

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