Customising Tk widgets

Arndt Roger Schneider arndt.roger at
Tue Sep 21 10:37:11 CEST 2010

Peter schrieb:
> I am using Windoze, I suspect the appearance attributes I am asking
> about here are platform dependent?
> Using Tkinter, I would like to generate a Checkbutton that is filled
> in with a solid colour rather than a tick mark when selected.

tk = Tk()
tk.option_add("*Checkbutton.inidcatorOn", 0)

> Could somebody provide some pointers as to how I could achieve this?
> Also, John Shipman's Tkinter reference shows the Radiobutton drawn as
> a diamond and yet when I create one in Windows I get a circle - again,
> how and where do I need to look to change this behaviour?
> Thanks
> Peter

Shipman's screenshots are made under Tk 8.4/X11, featureing the
motif look-a-like.

Tk 8.4 follows the windows user style guide (windows95) under windows.

You could still get the motif look under windows:
Tk 8.5 is bundled with a theming engine ttk, this engine
uses the built-in theming engine under windows xp and later,
but also allows you to supplant this engine.
The related ttk theme is called "classic".


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