SetGridCursor not working?

Dani Valverde dani.valverde at
Wed Sep 22 19:46:24 CEST 2010

I have a table with some rows and cells (code at the end), and created a 
function which searches for text inside the cells and returns the row 
number where the text is (to simplify the example, only English Name is 
working). Then, it should set the grid cursor focus to that row (I want 
to use the wx.grid.Grid.SelectRows style when created the wx.Grid, but 
to reduce the number of variables I don't use it in the example). To set 
the cursor focus, I am using

def OnSearch(self, event):
     CommonName = self.CommonNameTXT.GetValue()
     if CommonName != '':
         ind = self.parent.EnglishNameList.index(CommonName)
         self.parent.SpeciesGrid.SetGridCursor(ind, 0)

Theoretically, it should work using only the SetGridCursor method, 
however somewhere I have read that it will not work unless you also use 
the MaceCellVisible method as well. Anyway, it does not work at all. Can 
anyone help?


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