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Wed Sep 22 22:13:47 CEST 2010


I posted in regard to this in the past but it didn't go very far, no ones
fault, but I'm again atempting to make this work and could use some help.

I would like to use libraw.dll (http://www.libraw.org/  version 0.10) from
python and can access all the functions fine and produce images but there is
a structure that holds all the process settings that I cannot access with
ctypes. I'm sure it's because I'm going about it the wrong way. I was
wondering if there was anyone in this list with experience with this sort of
thing that could point me in the right direction.


"It's quite difficult to remind people that all this stuff was here for a
million years before people. So the idea that we are required to manage it
is ridiculous. What we are having to manage is us."   ...Bill Ballantine,
marine biologist.
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