Python Macros's Not the Power in OOo they should be ?

flebber flebber.crue at
Thu Sep 23 03:26:50 CEST 2010

On Sep 23, 10:41 am, flebber <flebber.c... at> wrote:
> I have recently been looking at openoffice because I saw it had
> support to use python Macro's. I thought this would provide OOo with a
> great advantage a fully powerful high level language as compared to
> VBA in Excel.
> I have found few docs on the subject.
> Doesn't appear at the moment Python doesn't have the power in OOo it
> should. Has anyone had much success with python macro's. Or developing
> powerful macro's in an language?

I sort of expected they might have had jpython or javascript version
of the excel VBA editor.

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