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Thu Sep 23 03:45:55 CEST 2010

Steven D'Aprano <steve-REMOVE-THIS at> writes:

For completeness sake:

  code = side == 'l' ? dir[int(num):] : dir[:-1*int(num)]
> code = if side == 'l' then dir[int(num):] else dir[:-1*int(num)]
> code = side == 'l' if dir[int(num):] else dir[:-1*int(num)]
> code = dir[int(num):] if side == 'l' else dir[:-1*int(num)]
> If you ask me, the *least* hard to read is the last.

For me the (newly added) first one, because it has (for me) less noise.

But I can certainly live with the last one. Or all for that matter. Or
maybe: since the results are already somewhat complex (or noisy) I
probably would use a "normal" if else.

What surprises me is that this is still discussed. It's like argueing
about significant whitespace. :-)

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