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On 2010-09-23, Steven D'Aprano <steve-REMOVE-THIS at> wrote:
> Yes, it certainly is. Describing it as "an ugly format" is also a matter 
> of taste -- taste which in my opinion simply isn't justified by anything 
> other than familiarity.

It may not be convincing to other people, but the logical inversion strikes
me as a taste issue which goes beyond mere familiarity.  It is not
unreasonable to continue to dislike something which breaks a general
principle even after long familiarity.

So I think there is a real issue.  There are arguments going the other way,
and while they don't fit my sense of aesthetics, I guess they aren't
strictly required to.

But I do think it's unfair to dismiss it as purely a matter of baby duck
syndrome.  Consistency in ordering of corresponding idioms seems a reasonable

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